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Living from your Feminine Power Workshops for Women

Working with Women’s Cycles: Celebrating the Wild Feminine

Menstruality is a new term to describe the inner wisdom within each woman, which guides her throughout her life journey. Ultimately, we are on a spiritual journey home to ourselves, connecting to our body intelligence and knowing, our heart’s longing and to the depths of our being. We can see the most significant transitions of our lives, from birth to menarche (our first bleed) and to each monthly menstruation, onwards to the menopause and finally to our dying, as major times of initiation. For those women who have a child, pregnancy and giving birth is also a major initiatory process.

Our female cycles help us to become more embodied and to honour our connection to the natural world. When we practise menstrual cycle awareness, we not only deepen in self-awareness and self-love, we can cultivate self-care practises that promote greater psycho-emotional and physical health. In addition, we have the opportunity to step more fully into our creative power and potential as women.

The menopause is a major transition and time of empowerment for women. Sadly it is little understood in western culture that fails to support or honour women in the aging process or into stepping into the gifts of later life. However, with awareness and preparation, there is so much we can do to skilfully negotiate this time of change.

“At menarche you meet your wisdom
With monthly bleeding you practise your wisdom
And, at menopause you become your wisdom”

Embody Self-love, Confidence & Feminine Power

A Woman's Way: Understanding, Blessing & Celebrating Transitions in a Woman's Life

  • Come home to yourself by understanding the various stages through which your body, psyche & spirit develops, transforms & expands.
  • Transmute old patterns through sacred ceremony & enter a deeper level of self-love & appreciation.
  • Gain a better understanding of the chakras as they correlate with the transitions of your life.

Each week you will participate in a live, interactive session. During the sessions you will dive deep into the various transitions of your life from birth, to adolescence, motherhood, menopause & the crone years. Through the use of meditation, journaling & ceremony, we will touch the parts of ourselves that are held in shame & judgement & come into more coherent resonance with our natural state of love.

We will journey together in this safe container of sisterhood, holding our intentions & witnessing each other in our breakthroughs & transformation. Each week you will receive a recorded guided practice that will lead you through a ceremony of bringing yourself more into forgiveness, love & expanded awareness.

Module 1: Introduction & Reclaiming our True Essence as Love.
Module 2: Our Mothers, Ourselves.
Module 3: The Maiden Entering Womanhood.
Module 4: Entering Motherhood
Module 5: Menopause, Entering Queendom.
Module 6: Embracing Your Wise Self, Entering the Crone Years.
Module 7: Integration & Celebration.

Dates: New date to be confirmed.

New Online Workshop - Holistic Journey into Menopause

Dive into the process of transformation, explore natural alternatives,
Relieve physical & emotional symptoms

Holistic Journey into Menopause & Beyond with nutritionist of the year, gut specialist - Trish Tucker-May & myself.
If you are approaching the menopause or wish to learn more about this transformative transistion, please do join us for a nourishing & illuminating time together. Trish is an experienced Nutritional Therapist & will be teaching about how to support the body with the physiological changes & I will be mapping out the psycho-spiritual journey, drawing on the 5 stages from Red School. Do read "Wild Power" by Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer.

Online Workshop dates:
Dates: New dates to be confirmed.

Session 1: Gut health, hormonal balancing, detoxing, juicing (Part 1)
Session 2: A theoretical introduction to the 5 Stages of the Menopause Journey
Session 3: Gut health etc (Part 2)
Session 4: An experiential intro to the 5 Stages of the Menopause Journey.

The group will be small (8-10 participants) to create safety & intimacy together. There will be time for discussion & sharing as well as input on the above topics. Recordings of the sessions will be sent out after the live meetings.

Women's Circles. Fruit

New Series of Women's Workshops:

'Becoming your Radiant Self & Transitioning into your Sacred Work'
A Tranformational Journey for all Women

A 4 day course ( with an optional day of yoga mid way so 5 days with yoga), spread over 9 months.
Theme: Coming home to yourself through yoga, women's cycles work, feminine power teachings, developmental psychology & sharing circles.
Dates: To be confirmed
Timing : 9.30am to 5pm
Venue: Frankie's Yoga Studio, Slad Rd, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL51HH.
Suitable for: Women of all ages/ life stages. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

We will be using the template of the 4 seasons, as we explore our changing inner world & life cycles. This work is inspired by the work of Red School & the 4 inner seasons. Whether you are a menstruating woman, perimenopausal, menopausal or an elder, this work is relevant for you. We will be deepening our relationship with ourselves on both the human & spiritual level & connecting with our deeper purpose in being here in the world. This may be particularly relevant for younger women in transition in their lives & for older women who are in a process of renewal & reemergence during the menopausal years.

Frankie Duggan & I are experienced teachers & offer a safe & supportive container for working with transformational processes. The 9 month period of the journey together gives time for deep inner shifts to take place & for outer changes to be put into place.

Women's Circles. Mandala of the four inner seasons

Transformation & Flowing with your Seasons
Women’s circle (closed group)
Coming home to yourself in a safe & supportive monthly group, with sharing, meditative processes, feminine power principles & embodied wisdom. Minimum commitment to 1 Inner Season. This group is structured around the 4 Inner Seasons from Red School.
Dates: to be confirmed
Timing: 6-8pm
Venue: Frankie's Yoga Studio, Glos, GL5 1RE

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